Four Ethical Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales

It is easier than ever to start an ecommerce business. Using services such as Shopify, almost anyone can create an online store to sell products or services. But making money from such a store is another matter altogether.

Having a sleek-looking store is no guarantee of significant sales and profits. If the goal is to boost sales in the coming months, here are four steps that can help you out.


  1. Use Paid Traffic

It is amazing what a difference paid traffic can make to an ecommerce business. Many site owners make the mistake of going too big with the paid traffic budget. Instead of pouring thousands of dollars into paid traffic, test the waters with small amounts.

Even putting $50 or $100 towards Facebook ads can be a good starting point. It can show how paid traffic helps get the site in front of more eyeballs, which inevitably leads to more sales.

An important aspect of paid traffic is to create a few types of ads. Ensure these ads are targeting the right demographic, advertising the ideal product, and showcasing discounts or other special offers.

  1. Improve Trust Within the Funnel

A common sales funnel for ecommerce outfits includes the customer seeing an ad, visiting the site through the ad, looking at the product page, adding the product to the cart and then checking out.

It is all about boosting credibility and trust during the funnel process. For instance, adding real reviews on the product page can be helpful. It is better if these reviews are from real people on social media, as it increases credibility.

People are more likely to believe an embedded Facebook post reviewing a product, compared to some text on the website.


  1. Make Checking Out Easier

The more complicated the checkout process, the less likely someone is to buy a product from the ecommerce site. It is especially true for emerging sites, where the buyer may be skeptical about the safety of the checkout procedure.

There are two easy ways to make the checkout process faster. One is to allow guest checkouts, where the buyer is not commanded to make an account if they want to make a purchase.

A second way to improve the checkout process is to add the option of paying through an online portal, such as PayPal. Customers find these portals safer, as compared to entering their card details directly on the site.

  1. Focus on Email Marketing

Some experts believe that email marketing has a return on investment that is as high as 4,300%! It is definitely a form of marketing that must be a forefront of advertising a new ecommerce store.

There are two sides to email marketing. The first side is to improve the quality and frequency of emails being sent to the existing email list. It is an important process, as those whose emails the company already has should be targeted with offers, coupons and information about new products.

The second side is to create or improve on the email list. One way would be to use paid traffic, which was discussed above, to direct users onto a web page where they can enter their email address.