How Has Ecommerce Progressed Over the Years?

June 11, 2018 Ivan Gonzales 0 Comments

The feature of instant access is perhaps the most wonderful aspects of the internet. With the advent of the internet over the recent decades, the entire lifestyle of people has changed. For instance, it has changed the way one socializes these days. Similarly, the rapid growth of eCommerce has changed the way everyone shops nowadays.

The evolution of eCommerce is mainly due to the growth of the internet and technological hardware. Just like the internet is the preferred medium for advertising and marketing, nowadays, it is preferable shopping medium as well. The growth of eCommerce has rivalled traditional way of shopping to a great extent.

Change in consumer experience

Online marketplaces’ rise is perhaps the most prominent impact that eCommerce has had. It has completely changed the consumer level experience by adding more convenience to shopping. Customers are more confident when they are purchasing from their trusted marketplaces.

Consumers can easily access an online marketplace for searching the product they wish to buy. Usually, they will end up finding a range of products that fit their search. Often, they can purchase products below the retail price. Add to that; they have the option of comparing prices, products and brands before buying. Reading customer reviews can also be a deciding factor in that regard.

Transcending the consumer level

The influence of eCommerce is not just limited to the consumer level. Even the product vendors utilize the online marketplaces for selling. The marketers also have a great platform to advertise their products. Nowadays, most popular brands and retail stores offer online shopping on their own.

The ability to shop from smartphones

In the recent years, mobile-friendly purchasing has turned out to be the most significant evolutions of eCommerce. Nowadays, anyone can browse products, compare them and shop directly from their mobile. The dedicated smartphone apps and responsive mobile websites have made that possible. Instead of visiting a physical location to buy products, people can now purchase what they want on the go.

With app marketplace being in continuous development, mobile-based eCommerce has grown from strength to strength. The ability to shop on these platforms has allowed for much more engagement and interactivity. Features like push notifications engage the customers even further, providing another scope for promotions. Such features are majorly absent on desktop-based eCommerce platforms

A social experience

The growth of eCommerce, smartphone optimization along with social media has together made shopping a social experience. Nowadays, companies market their products and connect to their potential customers in a different manner altogether. Most people keep their phones close by, especially the younger individuals. That is why they are nowadays more accessible to the advertisers and marketers. Nowadays, potential customers can be reached through:

  • Email
  • Apps
  • Social Media
  • Online games
  • Websites and blogs

With so much scope available, there is seemingly no limit to online and digital marketing. eCommerce might have evolved to a vast extent, there’s still more to come. There are constant innovations taking place, all factoring towards a completely different shopping experience.