Improving Small E-Commerce Results

I have already started a small e-commerce business for a small line of t-shirts I had come up with. It has been doing well considering the tiny inventory, but I am ready to add new items and I want to bring in some more profits. That is, after all, the idea of e-commerce. The point is to sell products or services in exchange for income and to make that a continuing business.

Moving to Bigger Gains – What to Consider

I got down the first part of getting the business started. More than anything, it was just a test to see if I could do it. I was surprised to find out that I could and it was not all that hard.

It is time to make some changes and I chose some simple tactics. Already being a bit into entertainment on a stand-up comedy level, I decided I would use YouTube as a way to market my shirts. I could kill two birds with one stone by posting my material and advertising my t-shirt site at the same time. This would bring in customers and viewers.


Though what I came up with is a very light marketing idea, keep in mind that you will need to market your e-business as well. Simply making the products available through a site is not enough. I need promotion for bigger gains and bigger inventory or more services for bigger sales and you do too.

Shameless Self-Promotion

If you do decide to take the route of promoting yourself like I did, don’t be ashamed. I felt a bit embarrassed at first. Starting to do stand-up comedy, I felt really vulnerable. I am not young and feel like I can’t be successful. I had a friend who is a good tutor. He told me to stop selling myself short, that I am selling myself and I need to believe in the product.

I was able to translate this, over the years into various successes, but it takes particular relevance at this venture. This is why I chose self-promotion and my advice on that is to be polite but shameless. Use videos and describe the product or service you are selling. Literally make an entertaining commercial. Have it done with blogs and a Facebook page too.

t shirt business

Getting Attention

In my case, the material I used for getting customers is also personal material and entertainment. I was able to do my own ads on my own videos on my own channel. I use my example because it is effective on the small scale. On the larger scale, there are some other recommendations.

Getting More Attention

I found that it can be useful, if you have a more complex or highly competitive service to offer, to seek the help of an SEO company to gain some momentum with e-commerce. Essentially, what this will do is, through different tactics, allow your services and products to come up at the height of the pages on web searches. This can be done in addition to self-promotion.