Making it Selling T-Shirts Online

There was a time when all you had to do was start a dotcom and you were on your way to some pretty good income. Now is far from that time and not only do you need a good business concept and something to sell, you need to have the best methods of attraction that you can have beyond advertising. You have to be creative with business.

With this in mind, I decided to go forward with my t-shirt idea and get it on the market. To be honest, I had no idea what I was actually doing but it was clear that so many others before me had managed to start an e-commerce business so I should be able to do it too. The question was how fast I could do it and would it work.


First Step – Research

I already knew that I had to be creative, but even that was something I had to put aside at first. It was better to act as though I knew nothing at all to get started. The first thing to get clear was the product. I have about ten different designs that I can get printed and shipped to customers.

It just takes a quick search to find more than one how-to article so I picked one and went with it. I needed to come up with a business name. Considering the fact that it is just t-shirts, the name did not have to be anything earth-shaking. I had to consider that the name will tie into the web address. I just used the basics and came up with TeaserTees.

After I got the name, it was time to move on to the next step.

Making it Official

In order to operate a business legally, you have to register it. Usually this is an automatic process in most states. You will register as a sole proprietor, LLC, or corporation. Doing this gives you the proper tax categorization. I registered as a sole proprietor because it is just me. You can do it however you want, actually, just stay legal.

t shirt business

In the Domain

In order to make this work, I needed a website, a domain name, and a clear web address. All this was easy. I used a fast service to help me build the site for my 10 t-shirt line (soon to grow) and the domain plus address was simply part of the package. This is the easiest way and the fastest way to get a domain registration and a website built for a simple site.

Getting it Going

For my e-commerce platform, I used Shopify along with a good dropshipping service to print and ship my shirts for me. In this way, I had all functions wrapped up into one site so I do not have to do anything but cover costs and take profits. Plus, this gives me some more time to create some more exotic t-shirt designs to add to the catalog.